Big Poseable Kacchan Plushie + Winter AU Clothes Set Preorders


Big Poseable Kacchan Plushie with Winter AU clothes set

💥 Poseable - This doll has a poseable skeleton inside. You are able to pose it in various positions.

💥 1 ft. tall (30 CM)

💥 Removable Winter AU clothes, boots, scarf, and accessories

💥 You are able to change his clothes and accessories with other ones made for 30 cm (1 ft.) plushies.

Production of the plushie will take 3-4 months.

Production and shipping delays are expected during the holiday season.


Want to combine past orders to save on shipping costs?

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★ Each preorder item has it's own production time, so please keep in mind that combining your orders means I have to hold all of your orders until all of them are ready to be packed together and shipped to you.

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